Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Humiliating my cuckold

Humiliation my cuckolds

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I have to admit i love nothing more than humiliating my cuckolds on live cam or in person. I have met many cucks  and loved to have them sit there and watch as i have fun with the real man and the little cuck is there only to do the fluffing. They dream of being worthy to get close to a woman but let's be honest all a cuckold is good for is the clean u job after. No matter how humiliating it is for them to have to lick the real mans cock clean or to lick the cum from his Mistress,wife or girlfriends pussy they know this is their job and it is what they must always do. At we have many women who are looking for little cucks like you so they can tease them. We want our husbands to laugh at your little dicks and to make you bow down to them you know it is your job.
The cuck and my Husband he was made to watch us have sex and then clean up after and serve us wine and grapes for the rest of the night, we dressed him up as a sissy and threw out his man clothes after all what use would they be to a little dicked sissy cuck loser like him?
We love it  is where you can find REAL women who love to abuse little cuckolds like you.You can read lots about how much fun we get when humiliating our cucks online and making them into our little fluffers.The only way you satisfy me is by sucking a huge dick.Our cuckies know their place and that is to lick the cum from our pussy or from the mans cock. Cuckolds must clean up at all times, it is the onlye job they have and they must do it well, to stay in their Mistresses good books at all times. Get ready to lick the cum and clean the pussy

He knew his job was to clean up and to worship the Masters cock, he knew he was to get him hard and ready to fuck me he  was a good little cuckold who we loved to laugh at  i loved to moan as i was having sex and we loved to describe to this little sissy just how good it felt
so what type of cuckold are you then? Are you the type to be the fluffer?
come on admit it you know your place is the sissy to make sure we enjoy sex with real mean
and not little sissy faggotts like you
so enter now into our live cuckold cams training and see for yourself and hear for yourself why you are so useless, pathetic and weak.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Humiliating cuckolds live

I have to be honest when i say just how much i love to humiliate cuckolds. You useless ones do relise that us women prefer bulls? We like to feel satisfied with a real man especially when he is so well hung. WE just need you to do the fluffing.
Tell you what perhaps you can come shopping with me and pay for the sexy lingerie i will wear that night when i am with the real man, But you know deep down you will never see me in it. Your job is just to help me prepare after that i have no need.
You can suck him to make him hard and then you can sit in my panties with a chastity on and watch me having sex with the real proper well hung guy.
You are nothing but a little sissy that we all laugh at.
Your job is to clean up afterwards sissy girl!
To get down on your hands and knees like a slut and lick his dick clean and then let me squat on your face and have the real cum load drip out of me into your pathetic mouth. You will beg for more and more
When he pisses in the toilete you clean it up. you use the toothbrush and your tongue as we sit back and laugh at you. You feed us grapes and wine and fluff our pillows, we snap our fingers you jump.
Are you ready for your training cuck? As humiliating cucks is what we do best

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cuckold Webcam Live - Real Man

                          CUCKOLD WEBCAM

Relaxing with wine whilst showing you a thick real man cock
Cuckold webcam show is the only hope for a loser like you as women piss themselves laughing when you drop your trousers and stagger away in howling fits,whilst probably texting all their girlfriends to tell them about the shriveled 3in cock you have. But if,like all you freaks reading this,you cant even get as far as getting a woman to come back to your place(paying is out of the question as even the skankiest,dirtiest prostitutes wouldnt have sex wih you) then your only hope is webcam sex with a hot,nubile gorgeous webcam girl. But what do you do if even SHE takes one look at you and your 3inches and boots you out of her cam room? You accept your a fucking cuckold loser and find an online mistress who will show you a real man with a big thick cock and give you a verbal beatdown whilst giving you a cuckold webcam live show that will put you firmly in your place. Cuckold webcam bitches like you need reminded that the real men get to fuck hot gorgeous women and pretend males like you get nothing more than to watch. Watch as she licks and sucks his big thick real man cock whilst you the cuckold loser sit playing with yourself(if she allows it,some online mistress femdoms dont allow cuckold loser pleasure) and wishing with all your might that YOU could make a woman moan and scream like that. Cuckold webcam live online mistress will give you verbal small penis humiliation live and tell you(inbetween moans and gasps of course) what a cuckold loser you are,how fucking small your cock is and how you could NEVER please her the way he is.
Laughing at you as real man gets ready to fuck her brains out 
Your cuckold webcam show will be hell for you and an absolute pleasure for her as she forces you to watch as she moans,pants and grunts as her real man gives her an ear shattering,earth moving orgasm and you are told what a cuckold loser you really are. So stop fucking around trying to get into womans pants. Its not going to happen Accept it and just log on for a cuckold webcam show with an online mistress.
Its the closest you'll get to seeing a fit woman naked

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Cuckold Webcam

                                 CUCKOLD WEBCAM

The closest you'll get to a blowjob
Cuckold webcam. Because let's face it, your just not good enough in bed. Your a ridiculous, fumbling, sweaty mess who has no idea how to satisfy a woman. Cuckold webcam is the only thing you deserve. You deserve to sit at your computer watching a gorgeous webcam Mistress get fucked long and hard right in front of you. You'll be a stupid little cuckold webcam wimp forced to watch your webcam mistress get laid while telling you, quite specifically, how fucking useless you really are. How you'll never satisfy a woman, how any girlfriend you get will be fucking other men, your cocks to small, it's too thin, your too fat whatever. Just be rest assured that being a cuckold webcam wimp will be your future. She might even force you into a pair of girly sissy panties for your cuckold webcam humiliation show. Whatever she wants, you just rest assured but the time shes finished your cuckold webcam show, you'll be a blubbering, wasteful mess. She'll rip you and your sexual skills to pieces and leave you in no doubt whatsoever that a wimpy little cuckold webcam waste of space like you will NEVER get to hear a woman scream an orgasm for real. Your only hope is to hear it on webcam after she's orgasmed by a real man and you've been completely and utterly humiliated being made to watch and listen to her insult, humiliate and degrade you. So stop wasting time and click a link on this page and get your cuckold webcam show started. Its what you deserve. you know it and she knows it. More virtual cyber sex chat

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